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Competition Overview / Application Guideline

Presented by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo
Co-Operated by Zonart and Kamika Inc.

[Brief Overview]
We are calling all artists and designers to submit textile designs of the wrapping paper for the Valentine Season. All the submitted works will be exhibited at the gallery space of The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo for jurying. We will accept only digital data of the design and will exhibit the print out of the data for two weeks. During the exhibition, the project manager of Zonart and Kamika Inc., Director of ACT, audiences' vote, will make the final selections of the winners. The selected winners' designs will be released as a seasonal products by Zonart and Kamika Inc. in 2010.

Applicants can freely design the textile with illustration, graphic design, photography and so on for the Wrapping Paper.

The competition is open to everyone, 18 year old or older. Work must be original and shouldn't have been commercialized with other companies in the past.

1. Zonart and Kamika Inc. will produce the wrapping paper of winners' own design and distribute them in the market.
2. Winners will make a contract with Zonart and Kamika Inc. and receive % from the sales. (The numbers of % will be discussed when making a contract.)
3. A final product will be provided to the winners.
4. One of the winners will be selected as the best prize and will have the right to have a solo exhibition at either ACT 2, 3, 4, (gallery spaces at The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo) in 2009. The duration will be discussed and decided between the winner and ACT within a month.

[Entry Fee]
$30.00 (per 1 design)

[Materials for the submission]
We will accept the digital data file only.
- File Type: JPEG
- Resolution: 350dpi
- Size: A4 [h 297mm x w 210mm]
- Due to submit the data file: February 1st (Sun)
- We don't ask you to submit your profile and statement.
- We don't return the submitted materials.

[Winner's Notification]
The winners' names will be posted on ACT's web site (www.gallerycomplex.com/wrapping_paper/wrapping_e.html) on Sunday, February 22nd. We will also contact the winners via e-mail.

[Important Dates]
January 17th (Sat), 2009: Entries Due
February 1st (Sun), 2009: Due to submit the data file
February 3rd (Tue) - 15th (Sun), 2009: Exhibition and Juried Period
February 22nd (Sun), 2009: Notification of the final winners
**December 29th, 2008 to January 4th, 2009 are our winter holidays. We might not be punctual to respond to your emails.

[About the Exhibition]
Duration: February 3rd (Tue) to 15th (Sun), 2009 11am-8pm (until 5pm on the last day of the exhibition)
Location: The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT) 2F, ACT 3
Address: 2F 12-9 Daikyo-Cho Shinjyuku-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel/ Fax: +81-3-3341-3253

*We will print out your data file of the design and exhibit it in the gallery space.
We will decide the placement of each design.
We will use the specific paper for all the designs which is below.
Matt Photo Paper A4
220mm / Heavy weights paper

[Jurying Process]
The project manager of Zonart and Kamika Inc., Director of ACT, audiences' vote, will make the final selections of the winners. We will notify the final winners via email and will post them on our website a week after the exhibition period.

Please click HERE to see How to Apply for this competition.