The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo & Takata Lemnos present
Design Clock Competition

Takata Lemnos Inc. produces design clocks with artists and designers and sells them at numerous numbers of locations including popular department stores and specialized stores in Japan as well as The Museum of Modern Art (NY), Gallery 91 (NY), and Galerie Colette (Paris). At this Design Clock Competition, The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT) and Takata Lemnos Inc. invited public participations to seek a good and unique design and artwork for the design clock that could hit the market.

The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT) is an art complex building that opened its door in the heart of Tokyo, Shinjuku, in July 2007. It is supporting emerging artists’ activities by offering opportunities to exhibit in the gallery spaces, hosting workshops and competitions, and many other projects. The mission of ACT is to create and develop a new and unique art community in the neighborhood.

This “Design Clock Competition” is a collaborative project by ACT and Takata Lemnos Inc., seeking a design and artwork to develop new products.

Qualifier to the 2nd stage
長谷 綾子 / 堀 真寿 / 半田 泰章 / 山本 聖子 / 沼田 月光/西尾 みや / 柏瀬 七絵
飯野 亮 / 高橋 貴子 / 斉藤 孝之/加藤 美香 / 宮田 大史 / 中沢 しのぶ / 南 政宏
井上 大輔 / さとみ / 秋田 実穂 / 黒澤 佳朗 / 王 人傑 / 鄭 孟淙/笹井 あかり /HEJSAN Joan E. Accolla / Harri Kallio /Tim Davies/Christian Junghanns / Wolfgang Bellingradt
Lauren Kangas/Jorge Calderon / Naomi Kawanishi Reis / Bryan Leister/Kaspar Spurgeon
Michael Barrette / Jessica Goldberg

Takata Lemnos Inc.

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